25. oktober 2020
23-03-2013 07:14
Use Darik's Boot and Nuke software to securely erase content on boot harddisk.
20-06-2011 08:59
I have chosen the seven best smartphone on market right now by design, functionality and usability.
23-03-2013 06:58
Another network attached dual tuner unit supporting DVB-T and DVB-C
20-09-2010 15:47
Great PSU for Windows Media Center or Home Server builds. See article from silentpcreview.com.
21-11-2010 20:31
Not many stand-alone multi-touch monitors are on the market today. Here's my list.
26-02-2010 21:16
EyeTV Netstream DTT is a dual network tuner for digital TV. It connects to your TV antenna and to your Ethernet network router/switch to stream digital television in full HD to your Macs and PCs. If you have a Wi-Fi network you can watch TV wirelessly on a portable computer, free from cables.
28-01-2010 13:29
Save money and reduce CO2 by optimizing printing. Use the application GreenPrint.
14-01-2010 17:59
The Motion Plus extension to the standard Wii controller makes a world of a difference in game control. List of games that support Motion Plus is hard to find. Therefore this list.
04-12-2009 10:20
Mobile telephones are to be banned from French primary schools and operators must offer handsets that allow only text messages, under government measures to reduce the health risk to children. Companies will also be required to supply phones that work only with headsets, to limit the danger from electromagnetic radiation, Health Minister Rosalyne Bachelot said.
04-12-2009 09:50
Finally somebody decided to rethink and redo the shape of the old pc box. Thermaltake's Level 10 pc enclosure almost represent modern art. The Ferrari of enclosures. I want one - but it's not cheap
11-11-2009 15:56
Maximum PC's Editor in Chief, Will Smith is a big Windows Home server fan, he joins Tekzilla to talk abouy DIY WHS.
10-05-2010 16:39
This model has almost same specifications as EeeBox EB1012 but includes a rounded design plus a slot-in DVD burner.
27-10-2009 20:58
This model has almost same specifications as EeeBox EB1501 except DVD.
09-10-2009 13:28
Atom 330 and Nvidia Ion Mini-ITX motherboard
09-10-2009 13:09
3 bay eSATA storage enclosure as extension for e.g. Home Server. Also exists in 1, 2 and 5 bay versions.
20-09-2010 16:17
4 bay eSATA enclosure for e.g. Home Server storage extension. 2 bay version also available.
12-09-2009 21:08
Windows Home Server based on Atom 230 in 4-bay hot swap enclosure.
Cool design.
As the case with similar solutions from other providers the Atom 230 single core processor seems to be an underpowered base without room for functional extensions.
But the enclosure alone demands mentioning.
09-09-2009 13:22
Case (enclosure, chassis) for Home Server (e.g. WHS) or HTPC systems.
Fits 4 removable hard drive bays. Supports Mini-ITX mainboards (mb).
14-08-2009 10:17
Windows Media Center pc for the living room
19-02-2010 19:11
I have had my Nokia 5800 for a few month. This is my quick review.
14-08-2009 11:29
My best tips and tricks for Microsoft Media Center 2005 (MCE 2005).
Continuously updated.
14-08-2009 11:28
The best affordable scanner for digizing your stacks of 35mm slides.
29-07-2009 23:04
Criterias used is SAR values, weight and design and network support. Other specifications like camera and MP3 functions is out of scope and intrest :-) of this short survey.
09-09-2009 15:19
Unoeuro's web hotel solutions all supports a list of ASP components as indicated on their Support page.

But no detailed information on these componenets exist.
18-04-2011 14:03
It is quite difficult to find cruise ships that will accept infants less than 6 months old. Actually only two cruise companies has been been found to allow this.
11-09-2010 09:40
My collection of recommended hotels, restaurants, cafe's in Malmø.
14-01-2010 17:45
My collection of recommended hotels, restaurants, cafe's in New York.
14-01-2010 17:46
My collection of recommended hotels, restaurants, cafe's in Berlin.
04-12-2009 09:47
Tryout this highly amusing travel IQ game called "How well do you know your World?". But take care - it's really easy to get addicted.
08-07-2009 23:10
Ever wondered where to find the best beaches in Crete? Well look no further - Here is my recommendations for the western part of the Island.
10-11-2009 00:48
The worst sushi I have ever had. On top of that it was totally overpriced. Absolutely not recommended!
14-08-2009 08:44
Wallpaper recommended restaurant.
14-08-2009 11:31
After several vistis to the sushi restaurant 'Sushiclub' in Palma I hereby give my full recommendation. It's a great looking place with fresh, delicious foods. You can see the menu online - check out the 'Combinados' which offers great value.
18-02-2010 12:06
My recommendations is based on food quality, atmosphere, service, location and x-factor.
10-09-2009 19:57
Italian restaurant with one daily menu consisting of Antipasti, Primi Piatti, IL Secondo, Dolce. My visit was very positive. Cosy nouveau design atmosphere, intelligent and kind service and extremely tasty food. Absolutely recommended.
10-09-2009 19:31
Bevæg dig tilbage til 1800 tallet på Kastellet eller hør om sorte huller på Niels Bohr Instituttet. Kulturnat 2009 har et væld at tilbud i aften.
14-04-2011 21:18
My recommendations is based on food quality, atmosphere, service, location and x-factor.
14-08-2009 11:35
The Danish band Kashmir played live on the rooftop of the Danish National Radio building in downtown Copenhagen. In spite of rainy and cold weather about 3000 had gathered in the square across the street (Forum metro station). This gig was part of a spectacular goodbye to the long-lasting radio show 'PBS' (Povlsen, Breinholt og Søn) on Danish National Radio P3.