25. oktober 2020
Sushi in Mallorca?(Travel)
14-08-2009 11:31
After several vistis to the sushi restaurant 'Sushiclub' in Palma I hereby give my full recommendation. It's a great looking place with fresh, delicious foods. You can see the menu online - check out the 'Combinados' which offers great value.
Spanorama: -"It''s one of the islands fashionable places. It's got a cosmopolitan atmosphere in a unique place, where apart from enjoying the food, there's a special ambience. There are also performances of the best DJs as the evening continues after dinner. It's rools have become a classic, but sushi is not everthing in this place dedicated to oriental cooking: sashimi, tempura, teriyakis, etc. Here nothing stops at all, everything is in movement and they constantly surprise with new proposals."