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Review: Restaurant Shunka, Barcelona(Travel)
10-11-2009 00:48
The worst sushi I have ever had. On top of that it was totally overpriced. Absolutely not recommended!
Upon arrival I was seated not at the bar which was - without doubt - the best position. Tables in main room was ok - but tables in sideroom was - well - I might as well have been seated in a McDonalds.

The overall theme of the place is ok I suppose. Trying to inpersonate a traditional old Japanesse restaurant. The (many) waiters are dressed accordingly in old type uniforms - they even do not speak or even understand English :-)

I ordered 3 salmon nigri, 3 tuna nigri, sashimi (belly-part) tuna, 1 tuna roll and 1 salmon roll.
  • The tuna nigri was small with almost no rice - and the rice tasted of nothing.
  • The salmon nigri was not delivered. In stead I received 3 roll pieces of fish egg with rice. Bad.
  • The sashimi (belly-part) was terrible. Again very small portion. No softness in the meat - no melt sensation on the tounge. I wish I was back in the Tsukitsji area of Tokyo.
  • The rolls - Bvaddrr! Boring and untasty.
Obviously the place has become famous for past doings. Now they try to cash in without keeping the quality up. A sad story - but witnessed so many times.
I stressed the waiter for the bill and ran out the door... I will not return.

Price for above (1 person) = Euro 50 Euro.

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