25. oktober 2020
Nokia 5800 - review(IT)
19-02-2010 19:11
I have had my Nokia 5800 for a few month. This is my quick review.
List of observations:
  • Great full QWERTY on-screen keyboard. Texting is so fast. A huge improvement compared to alphanumeric key entry and mobile phones with separate keyboards. I still recommend using a pen to limit entry errors.
  • On-screen keyboard comes with Danish letters - no more pressing Function keys when entering local characters. This saves lots of time.
  • Music and video quality are great for such a small unit.
  • Smart new slide lock/unlock mechanism. Much better than the normal 2-key solution.
  • Build-in map app is very good - and fast. To compare I installed Google Maps, but the necessity to be online is annoying even though it adds functionality.
  • Address search using build-in map requires knowledge of zip code. Very annoying!
  • The user interface with all its gray colors is boring.
  • Number of 3rd party apps limited compared to Android and Apple phones.
  • A bit slow in touch response.
  • Design not as exclusive as the Iphone - and feel more bulky
  • The camera is slow and most pictures are on the blue side. Can not replace a dedicated camera.
  • Accelerometer is not working that well.
  • Take care of the screen. Buy protective skin from invisbleSHIELD - only for screen area (approx. $30). I learned this lesson the hard way - and I normally take good care when transporting my mobile phone.