25. oktober 2020
Best Smartphones June 2011(IT)
20-06-2011 08:59
I have chosen the seven best smartphone on market right now by design, functionality and usability.
SAR (European Standard. The SAR limit for mobile phones used by the public is 2.0 watts/kilogram (W/kg) averaged over ten grams of body tissue.)
ModelSARWeighth*w*d cmBatteryScreenCameraProcessorOSPrice
HTC Sensation0.36148g12.61*6.54*1.131520mAh4.30" 960*540, Super LCD8MP (video 1080p)1.2 GHz (dual)Andriod 2.3DKK 4899
LG Optimus Black (P970)?109g12.20*6.40*0.941500mAh4.00" 800*4805MP (video 720p)1 GHzAndriod 2.2DKK 2945
Samsung Galaxy S II0.338116g12.53*6.61*0.851650mAh4.27" 800*480, Super AMOLED Plus8MP (video 1080p) 1.2 GHzAndriod 2.3DKK 4499
HTC Incredible S0.876136g12.00*6.40*1.171450mAh4.00" 800*480, Super LCD8MP (video 720p)1.0 GHzAndriod 2.2DKK 3794
Iphone 4, 16Gb0.93137g11.52*5.86*0.931420mAh3.50" 960*640, Retina display5MP (video 720p)1 GHzIOS 4DKK 4849
LG Optimus 2X (P990)?139g12.60*6.40*1.101500mAh4.0" 800*4808MP (video 1080p)1.0 GHz (dual core)Android 2.2DKK 3399
Samsung Omnia 70.645?139g12.20*6.40*1.101500mAh4.00" 800*480, Super AMOLED5MP (video 720p)1.0 GHzWindows 7DKK 4000?

LG Optimus Black, DKK 2945,- (elgiganten 27may11)

Samsung Galaxy S II, DKK 4499,- (elgiganten 27may11)

HTC Incredible S, DKK 3794,- (elgiganten 27may11)

Apple Iphone 4 16Gb, DKK 4849,- (elgiganten 27may11)

LG Optimus 2X, Pris: DKK 3399- (elgiganten 27may11)

Samsung Omnia 7, DKK 4000 (komplett 27may11)